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  • When starting a new web development project, clients often ask, “ What is a website exactly?”  Well a website can be described in many different ways but in my  experience, it’s easier to understand any non-ecommerce website as an residential property and any ecommerce website as a commercial property. This article will focus on  the main parts of a non-ecommerce website and compare these concepts to the various sections of a residential property.

  • According to StatCounter data from May 2016 - 2017, Google owns 87.66% of the Search Engine Market share in the United States. Bing owns 6.35% followed by Yahoo! at 5.06% then DuckDuckGo at 0.45%, then AOL at 0.12%, and lastly, MSN at 0.09%. On this note, it’s worth signing up for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing’s business listings services, which are also free!  

  • The ability to manage money competently is especially valuable quality in the conditions of financial crisis, when the purchasing power of the population is shrinking, inflation is rising, and currency exchange rates are completely unpredictable. Below are the common mistakes related to money affairs along with financial planning advice to help manage your own finances properly.