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To be successful, your company needs not only to be promoted on the Internet. A successful business owner also must to understand how business and financial strategies work. Let’s examine this question in detail.

The Mower Doctor: Challenge

Website:  BEFORE

The Mower Doctor provides quality lawn equipment, parts, and service to their community with skill, honesty, and value. The company began in 1999 in Mark Gillard’s garage in Stilwell, KS In 2002 they purchased the old High School building in Bucyrus, KS where they currently operate the business today. But an outdated, underdeveloped, website seriously dampened the brand. They needed an online presence necessary to Increase sales during the slow winter months in particular.


The Mower Doctor connected with us in July of 2017. Our task was to align the Mower Doctor services and products with today's consumer search behaviour,  and convert the website from plain HTML with some basic CSS to WordPress. 


Services Web Page:  BEFORE

e-Blast:  BEFORE

February 2012 Winter Maintenance Special

e-Blast:  AFTER


We took over their entire digital marketing strategy. By October of 2017 we launched and updated their website, updated their winter special email campaigns and changed their email platform from iContact over to MailChimp, and optimized their web presence for organic search and conversions. 


Within a matter of months their website moved to the first page of Google for their most important keywords such as "lawn mower blade sharpening service", "what to do if your lawn mower catches on fire", "used lawn equipment", "bent lawn mower blade symptoms", and many more.

Services Web Page:  AFTER

Website:  AFTER


Because of our efforts, the Mower Doctor saw a tremendous increase in the number of calls and leads coming into the company monthly.  of 2018 with Dove Web Consulting and doing no other advertising other than our final winter e-Blast in February we increased their sales. Plus, their lead flow is consistent and scalable as they continue to grow the company in 2018 and beyond.

Pets Go Here: Challenge

Pets Go Here Logo

Website  BEFORE

Pets Go Here LLC came to Dove Web Consulting in 2012 in search of driving sales and to strengthen their brand. Pets Go Here is based in Gardner, KS and specializes in quality pet meds and pet supplies from trusted brands. The first challenge was launching a social media presence that would establish the pet supply company’s brand image. By 2016 the second challenge was to update their e-commerce website in a way that would maintain a consistent brand strategy while increasing brand appeal.


In launching their social media and website presence, we studied their customers and kicked off a strategy and creative input centered around content and dedicated guidance.  We also partnered with Pets Go Here in the true sense of the word. We did so by learning the brand’s uniqueness, furry affections, and love of all things pet related. Only after we learned everything that was needed, we developed our strategy that puts content and design side-by-side. Our user experience-focused design and digital strategy reflected the exact qualities Pets Go Here needed to advance its brand.

PPC Advertising


Pet owners are a proud and passionate community, with a love of their pets and of brand-name pet products makes a perfect case for social media marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. We worked tirelessly to setup and manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts along with Instagram more recently.  We also maintained their email lists for sending product specials and announcements, setup their Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) accounts and kept them up-to-date on the activity of their social media analytics.

Solutions: Part 2

Pets Go Here also needed an eCommerce online presence that communicated its creative, loving, unique brand personality in a way that was clean, intuitive, and adds value. By 2016, we told their story with authenticity and with respect for their customers by adding content to their categories, along launching a 6-month long set of Google Adwords Search and Display Ad Campaigns for greater insight from increased traffic. In the Spring of 2017, we launched a completely new website was built on a customized 3dCart framework. The category pages now act as landing pages which provide users with a precise way to view subcategory pages and products. A quick shop utility was also added allowing users to add products quickly to their cart for a smoother shopping experience.

Web Design
and Development

Website  AFTER


To-date, we cultivated the brand’s fan base into 110,000+ Facebook Fans, 250+ Twitter followers and 80+ Instagram Fans. Regarding their website, as you can see in the Google Analytics overview, before our digital strategy launch in 2016, we were lucky to get 100 user sessions (an active session using a computer or mobile device). After the launch of our digital strategy, we received 100 user sessions on slow days but averaged at 400-500 user sessions per day. We also increased the company's average online order by as much as 40%!

Perfect Image Barber Shop: Challenge

Website:  BEFORE

The Perfect Image Barber Shop has been in business for over two decades and rely on a stable flow of new customers to preserve their client base. They had an excellent web developer create their website and was posted on Google maps but that was it. They didn’t have Google Search Console (Webmaster tools) or Google Analytics installed, their website wasn't mobile responsive and had been burnt out by a previous digital marketing company who convinced them to advertise without making any changes to web design or taking the time to understand their everyday concerns.


Through our first strategy session with their developer and owner we began with the web design and what would become the reflection of the brand and setup Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console.  A customized questionnaire is what where we like to begin with all our clients. In addition to questions that that helped us to better understand the brand we also presented a breakdown of the top nationally ranked barber shop websites to provide an industry standard for their web developer to go off.


Through this process we also identified the target audience as local married and single males and females across all ethnicities aged 25-34 with a disposable income above average. When paired with competitor analysis we could create a website that was unique which spoke to family values that has a sense of transparency with a more contemporary look and feel to it. From our research this solution offered a distinct and appealing look for the target audience.


This project started in phases, in June of 2016 we changed the domain name from PICutsAndStyles.com to PerfectImageBarbershop.com which required us to create redirects and wait for the domain change and transfer of Google ranking stats. We did do some radio advertising and passed out flyers during the summer months which explains the spikes in July and August of 2016.

Website:  AFTER

However, the real difference came when we incorporated our entire digital marketing strategy from January to April of 2017...

Among other changes the most notable ones were included content creation, cleaning up the navigation menu structure and adding descriptions, and pictures to the services page but also renaming the web page “Price List” and optimizing the meta information higher searched, more relevant keywords. As you can see the 2017 has been a good year so far with double the traffic, users, sessions, and pageviews compared to 2016.


"Thank you very much for your amazing services. You managed to promote my website in leading search engines very quickly and provided the fastest support ever."

- Cory Roberts


Pets Go Here

"I definitely getting results that I've never experienced from any digital marketing company that I've dealt with in the past. Thank you for taking the time to develop our SEO strategy."


- Marcus Foster
Owner / Master Barber
Perfect Image Barber  Shop

"My new website is very professional and informative with improved traffic. Very skilled with composition, graphics, SEO and the latest internet marketing. E-mail campaign has been successful as well. Thank you so much for giving us a new look!"

- Kimberly Gillard
Owner / Administration

The Mower Doctor