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Brand-Focused Case Studies

Branding Strategy
for Business

Overalls bearing the company branding are related to economy and practicality. A preference of brand style involves costs for development of design solutions, custom tailoring, selection of necessary materials and so on. Let's examine this topic in detail.

Blue Skies Performance Solutions LLC: Challange

Website:  BEFORE

Blue Skies Performance Solutions LLC is one of the leading HR Consulting copmanies in the midwest. The company opened their doors in 2013 as an answer to the vast majority of businesses with limited resources to meet everyday organizational challenges But an outdated, underdeveloped, website seriously dampen the brand. They were in need of an online presence that highlights their refreshing hands on approach and extensive offerings.


Our task was to align the Blue Skies Performance Solutions brand with its product offerings and business strategy, and deliver a new digital platform. We needed to raise awareness and reinvent its approach to product education across digital, connecting with consumers through relatable stories concerning the benefits of a comprehensive approach to developing a  company's workforce for today and tomorrow.


Content Audit

  • What does your brand say? How should express it?

Competitive Analysis

  • What are the strenghs of your competition and what opportunities that makes you unique? 

User Interviews  & Testing

  • How does your audience think & how can we validate user experience?


Website:  AFTER

    A bold new site gave Blue Skies Pefromance Solutions the reflection of their true role in their industry. 


    "Thank so  much in helping me lauch a professional website while keeping me up-to-date with industry trends along the way."

    -Consuela Shorter
    CEO, Blue Skies Performance Solutions LLC